Permian Gulf Coast Coalition
About the Coalition

About the Coalition

The Permian Gulf Coast Coalition is aimed at slowing and stopping the oil, gas, and petrochemical buildout from the the oil fields of west Texas and southeast New Mexico to the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast. Expansion of oil, gas, and petrochemical infrastructure in the Gulf Coast region threatens to construct an expansive, permanent network which would have catastrophic long lasting impacts to public health, land and water resources, indigenous sacred sites, and our global climate.

Grassroots communities and allies are rising to challenge this threat. Collectively we will strengthen and amplify our voices, generate and distribute more resources to the frontlines of our campaigns, and hold each other accountable to our principles and commitments in the fight for a just and equitable economy across the regions of the Permian Basin supply chain to the Gulf.

We believe that we will have a greater chance of success in protecting our communities and our climate if we work together with clarity, unity, and accountability. We will work collaboratively and in coordination while being rooted in values of shared leadership, shared resources, democratic participation rooted in the Jemez Principles.


Our mission is to slow and stop the oil and gas and petrochemical buildout from the Permian Basin to the Gulf Coast by working towards just transitions for all.


Our vision is to continue creating a world where the land, sky, oceans, and water are home to an abundance of life, and where the air we breathe, the water we drink and the land we live, play, work and enjoy is free of toxics from the fossil fuel industry. We believe that there are safe, just, and equitable paths away from fossil fuels and petrochemicals. 


We work to bring systemic change through a holistic approach tackling fossil fuel extraction, transport, production, external costs, and waste across the fossil fuel chain, focusing on prevention rather than cure, and providing effective solutions to slow with an end goal of stopping the fossil fuel industry by means of a just transition for our most vulnerable communities.


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